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5D Process

5D Process

After years of close collaboration with our clients, BTC has fine-tuned a straightforward, universally successful approach to designing custom learning solutions.


It works every time. How?

Over time, we’ve stripped each step down to its essence. Everything needed to define, develop and deliver great results are there. No fluff. No extras.


“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
— Albert Einstein



Problems, challenges, and opportunities come to us through our clients. That’s good. They trust us to help them get it right. However, their description of the problem is incomplete.

We dig into the backstory. We talk to people involved in the presenting pain point. Is it a culture issue? A structure issue? A people problem? Or, maybe all of the above. We deeply listen to what people say and don’t say. We find the real problems.

The output of this initial phase is the design criteria for what a great outcome looks like.


With the approved design in hand, BTC’s project managers begin turning powerful ideas into reality.

After 30 years, we have a proven stable of instructional designers, producers, graphic artists, and facilitators to build your program.

We put the elements together, test them with a target audience, and modify things until your solution is dialed in and ready roll out.

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This step is iterative. Two or three sessions to generate possible solutions are conducted.

We take the data and insights gleaned from the Define stage and put all of our creative problem solving and innovative thinking techniques to work.

Diversity at this stage matters. The more different perspectives in the room, the better our new and novel thinking.

We’ve once held design sessions that have included the producer of Burning Man, and an Egyptologist!

A lot of ideas are produced during the Design stage… more ideas equates to more quality options.

There’s a steady dialogue engaging the client for their feedback throughout the Design process.



Delivery of our customized solutions can take on a number of forms. For clients with deep benches of internal facilitators, BTC can conduct thorough train-the-trainer sessions. For those clients with the necessary bandwidth, we bring our talented facilitation team to do the job.

Sometimes, we deliver a “combo platter.” We will facilitate the top-levels of the organization, then train a geographically dispersed internal team to cascade the learning to the organizations grassroots.


Measures of success are built into every program. Some are quantitative. Others are qualitative.

We want to hear your feedback. What worked? Was there something that didn’t? How do we sustain this wave of engagement and energy?

Is there a phase 2?

Ultimately, our process is designed to be flexible and useful over time. And, we want to exceed your expectations every time.