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What is innovation?

Innovation is the successful introduction of a new thing, idea, or method. 


If you desire innovation, you’ve got to have creative ideas.

In the Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum: By 2020, complex problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking will be the top skills needed in our work force. So, everyone agrees… creativity and the subsequent adoption of ideas is king. However, few leaders know how to implement the systems, culture, and tools to enable creative thought and innovation solutions.

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Whether you'll need evolutionary & revolutionary innovations...

BTC has experience in the following:

  • Creating a culture conducive to innovation.
  • Opening channels for ideas to bubble up and be evaluated.
  • Clearing barriers that lead to creativity.
  • Training leaders, managers and front line employees to be effective creative problem-solver practitioners.
  • Facilitating a multi-stage process for clarifying, strengthening and testing creative solutions.




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Following a European acquisition, Takeda’s top 200 international leaders gathered to create new thinking around four key business integration challenges. Bliss Training & Consulting facilitated creative problem-solving sessions. Each breakout contained 20 leaders in small groups. An internal “challenge champion” detailed the issue and desired outcomes. BTC facilitators led the leaders through several ideation rounds. High potential ideas were vetted according to their feasibility and estimated impact. The innovation sessions served as a springboard for new process development. Eighteen potential innovations were created during the project.


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