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Leadership Development


Leadership Development

Your most important assets are you people.

Foster engagement, development, and creative problem solving and you have an efficient and effective organization.

Who enables that people growth?

Leaders do.

We help you get “the right people on the bus” and in the right seats. On-boarding done well is a beautiful thing. When done poorly (or not at all), you not only don’t get the value from that person, but they in turn will be hampered in developing those they are supposed to serve.

Philosophically, we believe that leaders work best when they are working in within their core strengths – their sweet spot. Too much time is spent making leaders learn something they’ll only become so-so at, and not enough time putting them into opportunities where they can perform.

It takes a village to lead well.

Every leader has blind spots. Knowing how to compliment the leader with other resources is what we excel at.

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HOW we'll help

We’ll take a look into your Leadership Value Chain.

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From contributor to manager.

We can help grease the transition.

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Need to know how to show up?

We have deep experience with leadership teams. We can help you identify the critical competencies needed and foster their development.

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Managing managers?

We’ve got a tool kit.

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We’ve coached lot's of folks on how to bring it.

Some presidents or director-level leaders need guidance in how to show up for the organization in the right way.


|  Leadership Value Chain: The management and leadership levels that form the central nervous system of your business.




Leadership development

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Lingraphica, a small but active player in speech therapy, faced some operational and talent challenges. Bliss Training & Consulting used weekly coaching calls and facilitation of special projects to successfully transform the organization. We instituted a new on boarding and people strategy, facilitated periodic strategic planning sessions that led to a new vision, and greater operational role clarity and efficiency.

Today, the organization has experienced greater customer stratification and increased sales. Talent quality has dramatically increased. The CEO can now play his preferred role instead of being a constant fire fighter. 


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